1. Age requirement? 

To join you need agree to the Terms & Conditions and be at least 21 years old or above. Most countries have their own rules regarding online gaming and so you must
make sure you're aware of any regulations and adhere to their rules. 

2. How can I be certain games are fair? 
We have professionals on hand to regulate & aggregate all our games, making sure that you can be certain that our games meet industry standard fairness

3. Is my personal information secure? 
We will makes sure that your details are secure all of the time. We use the best quality security measures Secure Socket (SSL 128 bit encryption Standard) and is stored 
in secure operating environments that allow customer making payments online has never been safer. K9Win will not disclose your personal information to any third party. 

4. Forget username or password? 
Customer can retrieve username by contacting us vial email. If member wish to retrieve password, login our web site, on right blank there's a forget password function, 
click and fill in particular details, password will reset and send to your registered email. 

6. What is the maximum bet amount of HomeAwayBet? 
Each sports and betting products have their own maximum stake and these amount may increase or decrease depending on the bet's pool size and the time the bet was
placed. It is advisable to refer to the MAX stake on the mini bet list shown on the left hand frame by clicking on the odds whenever you want to place a bet. 

7. What is the minimum bet amount of HomeAwayBet? 
The minimum bet amount is one unit of the currency you opened your account in,depending on the games and table you choose. 

8. How long does it take for bets to be settled? 
Bets will be settled prompty and whenever there is official confirmation of the result with our providers

9. I have problems loading some of the content of the website. How can I solve this issue? 
There is a known issue with older versions of Adobe Flash Player while displaying Flash graphics. We advice you update your Flash Player and your browsers